I am dedicated to transforming your quilts into heirlooms that you will have to treasure for years to come!

Using the Handi Quilter with ProStitcher computer, I provide the following services:

  • All over/edge to edge is  .016 to .017* cents per square inch (Calculate:  Measure your quilt length and width in inches.  Multiply these two numbers to give you the quilt size in square inches.  Then multiply this number by .016.  This will give you the cost.)  Example:  Quilt size is 50 x 70.  50 x 70= 3500 square inches.  3500 x .016= $56.00.  *The pricing may be .017 if the pattern is dense and requires more thread and time.
  • If you would like custom quilting (a different pattern in your border or anything other then an edge to edge pattern) let me know if that is your desire!  The pricing begins with .020 cents per square inch and increases with difficulty and the size of your quilt.  Let me give you a quote!
  • If you would like me to provide the batting, I use Pellon 100% cotton and Pellon Natures Touch 80/20.  I charge, $7.00 per yard for both.
  • I do not charge for thread or set up of the longarm machine.
  • There is a minimum charge of $35.00.
  • No sales tax is added to this service.