Preparing Your Quilt

These tips will help insure a beautiful finished quilt:

  • Make sure your quilt top is squared and even on all sides.  This will help the quilt load straight and correctly on the longarm leaders.
  • Press your top from the back and then on the front to insure seams are flat.  Do not stretch…press.
  • Cut any loose threads as they might show through.  This is especially true with any light colors.
  • Quilt backs should be four inches longer than the quilt top on ALL sides.  If there is a seam in the backing fabric, that seam should be 1/2″ wide and pressed open.  If possible, that seam should run vertically to the top of the quilt.  If you have a pieced back or have a specific placement of a design on the back, please bring that to my attention. Keep in mind that your backing is the foundation of your quilt and it has to have straight seams AND edges.  Should I have to modify, please keep in mind that there will be a charge for the time it takes to make it correctly prepared to load on the leaders.
  • Note!  The fabric selvage (the tightly woven edge of a fabric that prevents the side edges of the fabric from raveling or fraying) should not be used on any part of your quilt backing.  The selvage edge, because it’s densely woven, is sturdier than the rest of the fabric and does not stretch like the rest of the fabric and must be cut off on all sides.  If it is left on, there is a chance of puckering.